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Ellena Galtos - Sydney Australia


What a great web site! My father's original family name is Galakatos, which has morphed into Galtos, Galos & Milkton.


GEORGE MEGAS - Gold Coast - Queensland


Grand father's name is Manolis Megaloconomos (boubouras). Grand mother's name is Maria from Anti kythera (unknown surname)


Phillip Peter Karides - Chicago, IL USA


I love this site. My father Peter Karides is one of 13 Karides family members. I am the oldest with my wonderful sister Annie(Karides)Versis. My father is the son of Phillip Karides and I have been building a family tree for my fathers side but it is very difficult because so few are left. Love to all.


Helen Simons - Gold Coast Australia


Both my grandparents were
Kytherian, and both had the same surname, Cominos & Kominos. My grandmother Eleni's father came from Dorianika, and my grandfather Cosma came from Perleyianika. Both came from large families, 10 siblings on each side. I have visited Kythera 3 times over the years and just adore it. I hope to go back again soon Congratulations on the website.


Castrission Peter - Canberra ACT


My father was Jack Castrission, born Kastrisianika on 14 Nov 1908. He arrived in Australia in 1921 at age 13 and lived there until his death in 1987. Dad was one of five brothers who established the famed Niagara Cafe in Gundagai, NSW. The story of dad's life is contained in the "Eternity" exhibition at the National Musuem of Australia, Canberra.


joseph stratigos - naples, fl and south bend, in.


My father was Spyridon George Stratigos, born to George S. Stratigos, and Kierani (karides) in 1886. I had one brother George, and cousins, William, Kierani, Liberty, and George, children of my uncle Peter Stratigos in Chicago, and Uncle Theodore and wife with children George, Spyridon, Cosmas amd Kierani in Greece


Emmanuel Cominos - GoldCoast AUSTRALIA


I am Dr. EMMANUEL J. COMINOS from the Gold Coast Australia. Both my wife and I are of kytherian extraction. My wife's name is MARIA. her maiden name is CAREEDY, from the village of MYLOPOTAMOS. MY MOTHER came from the village of POTAMOS. Her maiden name was MARIA PSALTIS. We think this is a fantastic website. My nephew Stephen Trifyllis brought the website to my attention. My wife and children and myself have embarked on a new enterprise in Queensland Australia. we have established THE COMINOS OLIVE GROVES at Stonehenge Road Millmerran .We visited Kythera in 1999, and visited our Olive Groves at "STA SILAKA" near POTAMOS. This inspired us to carry on the family tradition here in Australia.


Lana Lewis (Moulos) - Forestville, NY USA (Buffalo)


Thank you for this wonderful web site!
My paternal grandfather was born in Logothetianika about 1880. His name was Theordore Moulos. He arrived in Buffalo, New York USA in 1898 along with his brother George. I visited Kythera in 1991 and plan to visit again soon. Their father's name was Zacharias and their mother's name was Marie. I continue to search for where they were born. The family name became Lewis upon arrival in Buffalo in 1898. I do not know the history of the family name change. I did find relatives still living in Logothetianika - a great aunt named Paneotyio Kombis along with her son Kostas (my apology for spelling errors). My uncle George settled in a suburb of Buffalo, NY called East Aurora, NY. He owned a fantastic candy shop. My grandfather, Theordore, married Clara Lempesis of Gythio (who settled in Buffalo in the late 1890's). They had 4 children (Zacharias - my dad; Constantine; Katina and Angelica). All children are deceased.


Nicholas J Comino - Brisbane /Australia


I am a doctor practising in Brisbane. My father was born in Goudianika and we have a little holiday house there also. Hi! to all the horianoi!!


Paul Coroneos - Garland, Texas


Congratulations on your site. I look forward to using it to keep current on my Father's island. He left there so many years ago and was never forunate to return. I however have visited and will do so again and more often. Our family is of the "Arapianous". we go back to a Ioannis and Nikos Koronaios who were reputed to have arrived from Koroni on an Arab slave ship. Their father must have been named Minas but no last name survived. Thus the "Arapo-Koronaious" paratsoukli. we still have relatives in and around Prongi. Nikos Koronaios left an settled in Molaous where that branch of the family prospered and some eventually immigrated to Chicago, Illinois. Years later my Grandfather, Polychronis asked the Molaous branch of the family to help send his oldest son, Panagiotis, to America. They agreed and my Father went to Chcago as a member of that family. My Father married a young lady from the Mani-Athina Mantakou. Because of her love of Greece and her loyalty to her husband, who died at an early age-52, we now have a vacation home in Ag. Dimitri, Messinia and are able to visit the lovely Island at our leisure. thanks to our wonderful nephew, Spiros Ramadanis, we are becoming more and more involved in the affairs of the island and enjoying it.
This site is a joy because it gives one the chance to explore the many facets of the Island throught the contributions of so many so effortlessly.


Annette Mitchell - West Palm Beach,FL


My mother, Helen Mazarick Cassimatis was born in Hora Kythera in 1901. Her father was Emanuel Mazarick, born in Hora, Kythera in 1861. Her mother as Irene Roditis who was also born in Hora Kythera in 1869.My parents were married in Vandergrift, PA in 1915. My father, John Cassimatis, was born Keramouto, Kythera in 1892. His father was a priest, Theodore, in their village. My parents lived in Vandergrift, PA until their deaths, father in 1976 and mother in 1989. Would love to hear from anyone who might have known them


Susan Stratigos Wilson - Australia


I shared a grandfather with Peter Stratigos [entry 08.09.03]. Another of his many brothers went to France & we are very happy to have met up in recent years with our French cousins Jean Marie & Nicolas Stratigos


Elene Claire (nee Hellen) - Brisbane/Australia


I am the eldest grandchild of Vince (Valerio) and Elene Hellen (Veneris). Papou left Pourko when he was thirteen and initially went to work with his uncle in the USA. He joined his older brother Nicholas in Australia around 1906. My Yiayia Elene was from Potamos & was the oldest sister of Syd Levonis (see reference 9.3.04). She arrived in Australia in 1921. After living & working at Hellen's Siding area in central Queensland, the family settled in Goomeri. There were seven children and also a large extended family and network of friends throughout SE Queensland. I have wonderful memories of huge extended family get-togethers and celebrations.
In October this year I'll finally be visiting Kythera and Greece for the first time - thanks to this site, I've been able to explore & add to the stories I've heard over the years. I can't wait!


Nick comino - Brisbane/Australia


Originally father was from Goudianika


Kelly and Tania Alfieris - australia


Kelly (Kyriaki - named after my now deceased mother-in-law) and Tania (Antonia) named after my mother (My name is Eva Alfris-Stathakopoulos) are decendents of Theodore Alfieris. I would like them to be proud of their heritage and to be able to know a bit about what life was like for their grandparents. If there are any people who were neighbours or friends of the Zaglanakis's or Alfieris's, please let us know of any little stories that can help put a picture together. I am from Kalamata and have had the pleasure of meeting Manuel Aroney whilst in Greece.
Yiasas ke hara sas.


JOHN fARDOULIS - Wilmington, DE. USA




Roy (Rosemary) Gialamas (Venardos) - Pittsburgh,PA USA


My Mother's parents were Kytherian.
Family names: Cassimatis, Venardos, Mazerakis. After WW2 moved to USA. I'm a metals artist.


menas levonis - brisbane australia


My father Syd Levonis was born the seventh and youngest child of Dennis Levonis and Meta Bavaes in 1911. He emigrated to Australia when a teenager to join his brothers and sisters. He still has clear memories of life on Kythera. Some of the extended family names are Cassamatis, Corones , Carides?. Menas Levonis was a priest in the church in Potamos.


Archie Poulos - Sydney, Australia


Great to have such a site


maria diakopoulos, souris - middletown, NY USA


born in karavas


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