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The Guest Book section of the site is where you can let us know what you think of the site and of anything Kytherian in general.
Please Note: if you are trying to find relatives or information or would like to announce a Kytherian event, please don't put it here. It belongs on the message board .

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Peter Diakopoulos - Middletown, NY (USA)

I am a first Generation Greek/American who's father was born on Kythera, in the village of Diakopoulianika. I would like to know if there are other Diakopoulos's that I can contact.


Marouli Vlahogenis - Sydney Australia

My mother, Marouli Vlahogenis, is one of 7 children of Margarita and Andreas Vlahogenis who was born and raised in Kythera. She arrived in Australia in 1963 to join her siblings, Vassilis, Kosta and Ourania.


Yiannis Mavromatis - Athens-Greece

Betina and Babis Mavrommatis from Pitsinades send warm greetings to all those they have met during their visits to Australia and USA. They also express their thanks to the creators of the Kythera-family.net for their great contribution to strengthen the relationships among the Kytherians of the diaspora.


Katherine Calligeros - Sydney,Australia

My mother born Stavroula Theodorakakis (Cordato)joined her brothers Kerry and John in Hillston,Australia in 1947.My Grandfather Dennis came to Australia in 1903 till 1911 and again 1923 till 1926. My Grandmother was Maria Mazaraki.

Yiannis Mavrommatis - Athens-Greece

Thanks to "Kythiraiki Idea" paper, I discovered today the "Kythera-family.net" . Born in Pitsinades, Kythera I left the island at the age of 18. I'm a primary school teacher lived and taught for years in Athens , Uk, and California, USA. I have met numbers of Kytherians in Diaspora, and felt their warm feelings for Kythera. Congratulations to the organizers of this site that gives the opportunity for communication, learning and sharing thoughts for our beloved Kythera.
Looking forward to meet many of you at the "Institute of Kythiraismos" conference this year in Kythera.
Regards, Yiannis Mavrommatis


Mick Castrisios - Brisbane, Queensland


Kiriaki Orfanos - Sydney Australia

My father's anme was Theodore Mavromattes who was born in Pitsinades in 1921 and came to Ausralia in 1937. His father's name was Ilias Mavromattes (Liako) and His mother was Kiriakoula Komino (Skouzes) from Dourianika. Petros Kominos who is featured in the photography section was her brother. I believe that we are also related to Spiridon Mavromatis from Perth.


Helen Cominos - Sydney

My father Dimitrios Cominos is from Potamos and my mother's maiden name is Rose Gerakitis Maneas. My grandmother Eleni was originally from Mitata. My father has a sister named Aida Menas who lives in America and a brother named Peter Cominos, who has passed away. I have a sister named Poppy married to Barry Weir. They have two children named Alex and Christina. I am in the process of putting together my family tree and would appreciate any information, from other fellow Kythereans.
On another note, I would like to congratulate the people who have put together this marvelous website. It has brought so many Kythereans in touch with each other and its a great resource for the young and old.


Michael Mattys (Mavromatis) - Perth Australia

Congratulations on this fantastic site.
My father Spiridon Mavromatis was born in 1907 in Pitsinades. He came to Perth at age 10 leaving behind two brothers, George and Sotiri, one of whom, I believe migrated to USA.
His parents were Michael Mavromatis (Mikaelis) and Zaphiro Griengi. His sister Irene went to bribane and married Peter Aroney. Their children were Nicholas, Michael, Zaphiro and Mary. I would love to visit Kythera, but the opportunity has not arisen. I had the opportunity to go to Crete three years ago and flew over Kythera on the way there. I cannot describe the feeling as I looked out of the window and saw the Island. I am a strongly patriotic Australian, but as I flew over the Island, the strong feeling came to me that Kythera was my home. If anyone has information about my family origins, I would love to hear from you.


Michael Samios - Brisbane- Australia

How good is this. Originally from Sydney. Married with one daugter Matina (after her Yiayia ). I'm first generation Kytherian here in Australia. My parents, Emanual & Matina Samios born in Kythera, live in Bronte, Sydney. Dad (Harmouza) arrived in 1956, went back to Kythera and married Matina (Protopsaltis-Markra) in 1970. Then arrived back in Sydney.
I was born in 1971, my sister Erenie born in 1972. Brief history about my family . Thank you for the site to meet other fellow kytherians around the world


Peter Psaltis - Brisbane Australia

This is a great site. I am proud of my Kytherian heritage and I am hoping to make my first trip to the island later this year. I am the Grandson of Peter Psaltis and son of Kosma. I work in radio here in Brisbane and can't wait to get time off to travel to the Island. Once again congratulations on the magnificent site....well done


vassilis koulentianos - france

A big bravo for your original idea and the efforts setting up and running this site. I am sure that a lot of kytherians will find information about their origins and relatives that they did not know about.
many thanks
vass koulentianos


Effie Papagianopoulos - Sydney/Australia

My grandfather and grandmother are Dimitrios and Yarifalia Kritharis from Karavas. They had 4 children Voula, Anthie, Nick and Maria. My great Uncle was Haralambos Kritharis and he came to Australia and lived in Brisbane Australia. My Uncle Nick also lived in Brisbane Australia, he died 5 years ago. My Aunty Anthie married Tasos Zacharopoulos and had one child John they live in Sydney Australia. My Aunty Voula lives in Greece with her family. My mother Maria Kritharis from came to Australia and at the time was living with my Nouna Anthie Notaras when she met my father George Hadsis (from Samos) and married. They had 3 children John, Effie and Rose. John Hadsis lives in Perth with his family, I live in Sydney with my family and my sister lives in Canberra with her family and my father and mother.


Site Administrator - Sydney/Australia

This reference was kindly written by Peter Coroneos, Chief Executive of the Internet Industry of Australia.

I write to commend the creators of this site for developing one of the most unique and compelling uses of internet technology we have yet seen.

Kythera-family.net is the foundation of a living archive which is capable of providing a more coherent, accessible and comprehensive repository of culturally significant material than would be possible through any other medium or physical institution.

Prospective visitors should be cautioned in treating this as "just another interesting web site". Fifteen minutes' browsing will reveal a depth of sophistication, and sensitivity to subject matter which is unique for a resource of its kind. That it is encapsulated within a delightful and easy to use graphical environment is both a bonus and also evidence of the commitment to create something of enduring appeal and utility. Its success is self evident.

Initiatives like this hold the promise of revivifying cultures which have been dissipated by migration and diluted by time. One cannot resist seeing this website as a metaphorical (virtual) island, instantly accessible to those who have left, or their descendants - or those who simply love Greek island culture.

To those who are fascinated with the potential of the internet to unite humanity, the project means much, much more. This is a site which sparks the imagination because it exemplifies how the internet might actually become the great unifying technology that we have for years hoped it could become. Connecting people across continents will be followed by connecting people across cultures. A network of sites like this, then a network of such networks, holds the promise of a very different and better world.

This site is exemplary for a number of very practical reasons. Firstly, it is technically sophisticated, using functions usually only seen on major commercial internet portals. The "subscribe" and posting functions accord with best practice privacy standards. The language translation options invite a wider participation from groups most likely to contribute content. The hard-coded alternative spelling engines increase the chances of correct name identification on the first try. This feature accommodates known internet user behaviour.

Secondly, the site architecture has been specifically developed to aid users new to the internet. The navigation is clear and logical. I infer from the design that the developers have been at pains to encourage new or less technically proficient users - many who would presumably be custodians of important cultural materials within their own families. Given that the over 65 age group is now the fastest growing web demographic, this is an important consideration.

Thirdly, the site is holistic. It attempts to capture most aspects of Kytherian island life in rich visual and textual form. The anecdotes compliment the more official records, and impart a humanity and proximity that is so unique to oral history. It is not hard to imagine the site as a catalyst and a preparatory resource for those who wish to travel there, or to trace their family origins, or both.

Finally, I am particularly pleased that the developers are prepared to make their technology available to other groups, so that they too can provide their communities with a customised resource of such value. We look forward to more sites of this quality on the internet.

Peter Coroneos, Chief Executive of the Internet Industry of Australia.


George Venianakis "Nenes" - Sydney/Australia

Congradulations to the Team who organised this site. What a wonderful way to keep this Island's wonderful heritage alive. My Grandfather Minas Nenes was the village's local butcher for many years in particular during the depession. My mum's name is Hrisanthy and she was one of 9 children.

Peter Tzannes - Sydney

Congratulations...every visit to this site brings new information and appreciation of the love we have for our roots. By no means to replace this site.. another site for pics and general kytherian info is
however this is very minor site compared to what you have, and will achieve on kythera-family.net..well done


Stephen Trifyllis - BRISBANE

TRIFYLLIANIKA REGULAR VISITOR TO THE ISLAND OF LOVE . SPENT LAST SUMMER RENOVATING OUR HOUSE IN TRIFYLLIANIKA. WILL BE IN KYTHERA THIS YEAR FROM 27th july for 4 weeks. anyone going this year please contact.I Have travelled extensively and cannot wait to return to our beautiful Island.


Kiriaki Orfanos - Sydney, Australia

My mother was Stamatia Petrohilos from Livadi. Her father's name was Panayiotis Petrohilos whos nickname was Kolitiri, he made the still in Livadi which is still used today to make tsipouro. Her mother's name was Marika Vlandys,from Kalokairines. She had three siblings, Eleni, Eirini and Panayioti. She married Theodoros Mavromattes (Liako) from Pitsinades in Armidale, NSW in 1952, and they had three children, Kiriaki, Maria and Ilias.


Maria Mihailidis - Sydney, Australia

Mother, Stavroula Cordato(or Theodorakakis)from Agia Triada, Potamos.


Tatiana Pentes - AUSTRALIA

My grandfather Dimitri (James)Aroney was married to Stamatia & they came from Aroniathika - immigrating to Australia. They had Kos, Maria, Efracini, & Steven - living on the eastern coast of Australia. My sister Alexandra Ermolaeff has contributed to this website & i can be reached on [email protected] + http://www.strangecities.net
this is a fantastic online portal = proves that online evolving communities can be connected to the real world....congrats! on a wonderful opening in Sydney 2004 @ the Castellorizian Club!!!


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