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submitted by Hellenic Herald on 21.02.2006

Hugh Gilchrist. Award from the Academy of Athens.

The Silver Medal to Hugh Gilchrist.

Aπονομή από την Aκαδημία Aθηνών. Tου Aσημένιου Μεταλλίου στον Hugh Gilchrist.

The Greek Herald. Friday 17 February, 2006. Page 6.

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submitted by Kytherian Association Of Australia on 11.02.2006

Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia. Letterhead & Logo. 1970's and 1980's.

The Kytherian Association of Australia, based in Sydney has been known for most of its existence as the Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia.

The Association has used various Letterheads & Logos during its existence.

This particular one was extant during the 1970's and 1980's.

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submitted by Heritage Collectors Society Inc on 07.02.2006

John Adams. 12 lines in Greek, concerning the Ionian Confederacy.

JOHN ADAMS (1735-1841).

2nd US President, Member of the Continental Congress for Massachusetts, early and vocal advocate for the Declaration of Independence. Adams was instrumental in negotiating the treaty ending the War of the Revolution.

Adams has written 12 lines in Greek, undated, concerning the Ionian Confederacy, transcribed from Herodotus’s history of the Persian Wars, Book 1, Chapter 141.

The text concerns the conquest of Lydia by the Persians, ...

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submitted by Roxy Theatre, Bingara, NSW on 28.01.2006

Bingara. MAP. In relationship to NSW and Queensland.

For a more localised map, from the Department of Lands, indicating the position of Bingara in relationship to Inverell, Warialda, Barraba, and the Queensland border, see,


From the web-site at:

Bingara is located 150 kilometres north from ...

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submitted by Greek on 16.01.2006

Aphrodite. Perfume.

Aphrodite a fragrance that captures a woman's beauty, sensuality and passion. Created to pay tribute to the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, this fragrance is a richly sensual and sophisticated floriental blend of clear golden citrus notes and sunny Mediterranean florals that have a reputation of evoking passion.

Beautiful, elegant and classic, it is truly befitting a goddess and any woman who wears it.

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submitted by Athene Anderson, (nee, Gilchrist) on 15.01.2006

Hugh Glichrist. Announcement by the Academy of Athens.

Advising receipt of the SILVER MEDAL, for recognition of his outstanding achievement in the publication of a three-volume work, entitled Australians and Greeks.





H. E. Ambassador Paul Tighe
Australian Embassy in Greece

Athens, 28 December, 2005
A. 7. 0114

Dear Mr Ambassador,

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submitted by Athene Anderson, (nee, Gilchrist) on 19.01.2006

Hugh Gilchrist's Australians and Greeks 1. Winner. National Trust Award. 1994.

National Trust


Print Media or Publications

Awarded to

Halstead Press

Australian's and Greek's in the early days

Australians and Greeks 1


Hugh Gilchrist

Presented by His Excellency The Governor of New South Wales


The Earth Exchange

Monday 18 April 1994

National Trust

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submitted by Vassilia Corones on 26.01.2006

Map of Queensland showing the location of Charleville.

Charleville is located in central, south-western Queensland.

Charleville was Harry Corones's domain - from 1909-1972

[Fittingly, Harry Corones died In Room 39, in the Hotel Corones].

"Set in the heart of mulga country in south-west Queensland, Charleville has an important place in Australian aviation history. It was here that pioneer aviators Keith and Ross Smith were forced to land, on the first UK-Australian flight made by Australians, ...

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submitted by Queensland Government on 31.12.2005

Hotel Corones, Charleville. In the Queensland Heritage Register; maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency, under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992.

Other Name Corones Hotel Norman

Place ID 601282

Status Permanent Entry

Address 33 Wills Street



Theme Eating and drinking

Theme Remembering significant phases in the development of settlements, towns and cities

Theme Lodging people


Riding ...

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submitted by Queensland Government on 31.12.2005

Kytherian cultural heritage icons in Queensland, Australia.

Queensland's Multicultural Heritage.

Culural Heritage.

Places and Meanings.

Over the years many groups of people have developed Queensland is a vibrant, multicultural society, with a long history of settlement by people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Over the years many groups of people have developed special associations with a variety of places in Queensland, some of which are entered in the Queensland Heritage Register and ...

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submitted by NSW Heritage on 30.12.2005

M. Mallos's Cafe. Menu.

Menu from Mallo's cafe in Nanango.

Proprietor: Chrys Mallos.

Steak and eggs...2/6d.

Appended to the Milkshakes, Sundaes & Cafe Culture Education Kit, for Junior Schools.

To view or download the kit:


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submitted by Gilgandra Historical Society on 07.12.2006

Silver Platter. ABC Cafe, Gilgandra. Stavros (Stan) Baveas. 1920's.

The Gilgandra Historical Society is in possession of a number of "Baveas" platters - at least two of which are on permanent display in Gilgandra' Museums.

The Serving Tray is inscribed:
With Compliments From
The ABC Cafe
S Baveas
Choice fruit and Confectionery,
American Soda Fountain Drinks &
Delicious Ices
Afternoon Tea Always Ready

This platter is on display at the Gilgandra Rural Museum.

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submitted by Manuel Cassimatis on 18.12.2005

Business card of Aikaterini Stathis-Petrochilou. Hand writing on the obverse side.

Nikos Petrochilos: "I was moved when I saw my mothers writing. Very moved.
The message should be translated as follows : "Dear Spiro. I got your present and I thank you very very much. I wish all the best for you and your family. I send this card through Maria (? I can't read the name), because I don't know your address. With my love, Katina K. Petrochilou"".

Nikos Petrochilos attended the Primary School in Pitsinianika, Kythera and the High School (Gymnasium) in Chora, Kythera. ...

8701:History > Documents

submitted by Manuel Cassimatis on 18.12.2005

Business card of Akaiterini Stathi - Petrochilou.

Nikos Petrochilos attended the Primary School in Pitsinianika, Kythera and the High School (Gymnasium) in Chora, Kythera. He left Kythera when he finished the Gymnasium, at the age of 18.

Nikos went on to establish a very succesful academic career in Greece.

Nikos is President, of the Society of Kytherian Studies, one of a number of prominent positions that he holds.

Nikos's mother - Aikaterini Stathi - Petrochilou.

A great deal ...

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submitted by Manuel Cassimatis on 18.12.2005

Beckom. In the Coolamon Shire, Riverina area of New South Wales.

Map from:

Beckom is located in the Riverina area of NSW in the Coolamon shire. The town is very small with a population of just 80 people. (2005).

Beckom is not represented on this map. It lies in the lower right centre of the map -near the towns of Coolamon and Marrar.

Brochure on Beckom

The town is of interest because ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 16.12.2005

From the 1910 U. S. census. New York. Various Kytherians.

Vikki Fraioli

"I thought this was interesting.....I had been looking up information on my papou's side (Alfieris) (my yiayia's side was Chlentzos) and I came across this census that listed what looks like Nick Georgopoulos as head of the household, John Alottsiakis (cousin)probably spelled wrong, Gus Alfiers, nephew 21, and Steven Gero.....hard to read...

I don't know who this Gus Alfiers is. My papou came to the USA in 1906 to San Francisco. The above census was from ...

8683:History > Documents

submitted by George Poulos on 16.12.2005

Tzortzopoulos entries - Ellis Iland USA

Pasengers for the US Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival.

[Reference provided by Vikki Farioli, California.]

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submitted by George Poulos on 27.11.2005

Pentes and Gleesos Paper Bag. c. early 1930's. Gilgandra. NSW.

I found this paper bag in the Gilgandra Rural Museum - not to be confused with the Coo-ee Heritage Centre just up the road - in November, 2005.

Partially destroyed by silverfish, it has subsequently been laminated - thus, preventing further damage.

The Pentes referred to is John Pentes.

John Sklavos, adopted his Kytherian parachoukli (nickname) - "Pentes" - as his Australian surname. Supposedly it was easier for the Australians to pronounce. ...

8499:History > Documents

submitted by George Poulos on 17.11.2005

Ollie Konstandinou (Tzortzo)Poulos.

Old Dubbo Cemetery, Dubbo Municipal Council, grave site document.

See also:

Ollie Con(standinou) (Tzortzo)Poulos. Searching for baby Ollie

Record of Death and Order for Internment Certificate, Ollie Poulos

Location ...

8498:History > Documents

submitted by George Poulos on 22.11.2005

Ollie Konstandinou (Tzortzo)Poulos.

Record of Death and Order for Internment Certificate.

Number: 02274

Dated: 29th January, 1954

Date of Death: 28th January, 1954

Time of Funeral: 2:00pm, Friday, 29th January

Grave site number: 3142

See also:

Ollie Con(standinou) (Tzortzo)Poulos. Searching for baby Ollie