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submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 27.08.2007

Certificate of USA Naturalization for Diamantis Chlentzos, 1917

Certificate of naturalized citizenship for my grandfather, Diamantis Haralambos Chlentzos, born in 1874 in Christoforianika, and came to the USA in 1898.

Diamantis became a naturalized citizen on 1st October, 1917 in San Francisco. His wife, Yanoula, and children Basileios, Harry, Peter, Angelo, Steven (listed as Sutter on the certificate), and Philip are also listed.

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submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 27.08.2007

Newspaper article on death of Philip Chlentzos, 1944

My uncle Philip Chlentzos, was the son of Diamantis Haralambos Chlentzos and Yanoula Koulentianou. He was born in 1916 in Oakland, California, and died in combat on July 27, 1944 in France. Philip was awarded the Purple Heart medal for injuries sustained in the French Invasion on D-day. Several of his v-mail letters to his brother are posted:
WW2 Vmail letter to Pete Clentzos from his brother Philip, Feb. 28 1944

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submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 27.08.2007

Memorial card for Diamantis Chlentzos

This card was distributed at the funeral service for my grandfather Diamantis Haralambos Chlentzos. Diamantis was the son of Haralambos Panagiotis Chlentzos and Efrosyni Venardos, born in Christoforianika. He came to the USA in 1898.

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submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 27.08.2007

Honorable discharge for Diamantis Chlentzos, 1961

The United States Navy honorably discharged my grandfather, Diamantis Haralambos Chlentzos on January 4, 1961. Diamantis was born in Christoforianika on Oct. 12, 1874 to Haralambos Chlentzos and Efrosyni Venardos.

For an account of how Haralambos obtained his discharge at the ripe old age of 87 read
United States Congressman requests honorable discharge

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 02.07.2007

1844 Census listing Venardos ( Katsavias ) from Potamos

These are the 1844 census records listing the children and grandchildren of Nicolas Drakos Venardos from Potamos. It shows their "parachuklie" as Katsavias"

Nicolas Venardos was my great great great grandfather.


Anastasios Venarados of Nicolas; 28; Farmer; absent

Maria his wife; 25; present

Nicolakis their son; 12; Sailor; absent

Panayiotis thei son; 6; present

Polychronis ...

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 23.06.2007

Modeart Beauty Parlor ad in 1940 USA Greek Newspaper

Evangeline Alfieris, daughter of Yiannis and Maria Chlentzos Alfieris, owned and operated a beauty parlor in San Francisco in the early 1940's.
This ad was placed in the "PROMETHEUS", Hellenic National Journal, Oct. 3, 1940

The ad reads:


"Before you get ready for any social gathering, visit first the beauty salon of Miss Evangelia I. Alfieri. Try a modern ... styling (Finger wave) and beautifying of the face (facial) and you will ...

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 10.06.2007

2006 Christmas Card

This card was created from photos taken on our summer 2006 trip to Kythera to send out to all of our friends and family.

Top left to right:
Kastro at Milopotamos,
The Church of the Virgin Mary of llariotissa in Potamos,
Odos Koulentianos in Christoforianika
(the street my Yiayia Maria Chlentzos lived on)

Middle Row:
Icon on the ceiling of Agia Elesa,
Porch of cousin Spiridoula Georgopoulos's home in ...

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 14.05.2007

Charalambos Chlentzos & Efrosini Venardos Wedding Certificate

Registration date: 17th Nov. 1869
Event date: 9th Nov. 1869

The preist of Agios Vasilios, Fr. Gerasimos Galakatos, in Christoforianika declares that he performed the wedding services of:
Charalambos Chlentzos, son of Panagiotis, age 18 (his 1st marriage) and
Efrosini, daughter of Emmanuel Venardos, age 26, (her 1st marriage)
both resisdents of Christoforianika

The witnesses were:

Panagiotis Chlentzos, son of the late Nicolaos, ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 29.04.2007

The new, larger than life banner of

This banner can be seen in quite a number of photographs that are now being submitted to kythera-family.

It will be displayed in the future at all events at which is represented.

Download/save a copy of the Banner as a .pdf format here:

Banner Kythera-family net proof.pdf

It features two persons who have become the most-sighted Kytherians ...

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submitted by John Carras on 28.04.2007

George C Poulos & Dr Nick Comino discuss Mr Chris Andalis' poem...

...written in dedication of her Excellency, Ms Quentin Bryce, AC, and her presence at the Kytherian panayiri. & Katsehamos and the Great Idea

Welcome! Welcome one and all from all over Australia and Overseas. We welcome you in our city of Brisbane for this special event. We are here to consolidate our strength and to unfold another visionary wish. Here in the well known “Cyprus House".

Your Excellency, Ms ...

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submitted by John Carras on 25.04.2007

Name tag labels filled out and worn by all guests at the Brisbane panayiri, April 15th, 2007.

Categories included


Mothers name: (Wife, mother)

Village: (Of origin)

Parachoukli: (Nickname)

The labels were printed on Avery size 8 labels.

The Avery Code is:

Inkjet: J8165

Laser: L7165

If you want to print some Name & Parachoukli labels off for your next function you can download the template here:

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submitted by KCA Admin on 01.04.2007

Military Occupation Postage Stamp

A postage stamp issued on Kythera by the Axis military authorities. It is a pre-war 80 lepta Greek stamp with a representation of the Venus de Milo, overprinted with the words “CERIGO – Occupazione Militare Italiana” (“KYTHERA – Italian Military Occupation”). Philatelists will note that this particular stamp is an error; the fasces (axe and bundled sticks) design, symbol of the Italian fascist party, which should have been overprinted on the stamp has been printed above it by mistake.

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 30.03.2007

Marriage Certificate of Vrettos Alfieris & Marigo Theodorakakis (Cordato)

Vrettos Alfieris (1890-1974) & Marigo Theodorakakis (1895-1961) married in Dubbo, Australia on August 4, 1922.

The kombaro was Evangelos (Bylos) Chlentzos

See also:

Wedding of Vrettos Alfieris and Marigo Theodorakakis

A special thanks to Katina Comino (nee Alfieris) for ordering this document from the Australian Archives.

Kythera ...

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submitted by Jean Michaelides on 06.01.2007

Nicholas Laurantus's two statuettes...

..., about fifty centimetres in height, that he prized greatly.

Coming upon them as he did after World War I in a country shop, he had paid £2 for the pair, believing them to be antiques and of great value.

Made of some bronze alloy and finely detailed in their workmanship, they depicted the effects of flood and fire which Nicholas perceived to be the farmer's worst threats. One statuette was of a woman on a rooftop with a child in her arms, the flood waters lapping ...

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submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 14.12.2006

Letter of congratulations from John Howard to Con George (Tzortzo)Poulos.



Mr Con George Poulos

c/- 42 Eastern Avenue

Dear Mr Poulos

It is with much pleasure that I send you this message of congratulations on the occasion of your 90th birthday.

Over fifty years ago you chose Australia to be your home and a generous people extended to you their gift of welcome.

In the half century that has transpired, you have joined ...

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submitted by Steven Mallos on 19.11.2006

Distillery Aloizianika Kythera

This is an image of the only remaining Distillery on Kythera, which is located in Aloizianika.

Every autumn since 1897 the Politis family have produced the well-known Kytherian drink "Tsipoura"(Raki) from grape pulp using traditional methods.

From this drink, you can also make the liqueur "Fatourada" by adding cinnamon and cloves and sealing the mixture for a few weeks. Serve with ice for the perfect drink after an evening meal!

Photos taken by Steven ...

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 06.02.2007

Vasilis Chlentzos Passport 1838

This is the passport of Vasilis Chlentzos (1808 - ? ) from Christoforianika. He was 28 years old when this passport was issued. He made several trips to Chania, Crete with this passport.
Vasilis was the brother of Panayiotis Chlentzos (1799 - ? ), my great-great-grandfather.

See also:

Panagiotis Chlentzos wedding records of 1826 and 1841

Genealogy ...

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submitted by Karavitiko Symposium, Sydney on 04.11.2006

Karavas. The history of its origin.

By Emmanuel Kalligeros. Editor of Kytheraika newspaper, and author of a number of books including the seminal, Kytherian Surnames.

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 06.02.2007

George Peter Vamvakaris Naturalization Application

George (1907-1942) was the son of Panayiotis and Maria Alfieris Vamvakaris (1887-1960). He was killed during World War II while serving in the Australin Army.

See also:

Postcard written by George Peter Vamvakaris

George’s WW II Certificate of Service

Kythera ...

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 06.02.2007

WWII Service Certificate - George Peter Vamvakaris (1907-1942)

George was the son of Panayiotis and Maria Alfieris Vamvakaris (1887-1960). from Potamos.
George was killed in World War II while serving in the Australian Army.

See also:

Postcard written by George Peter Vamvakaris

George Vamvakaris’ Naturalization application