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Searching for my Great Aunt

submitted by Gaye Hegeman on 08.08.2004

My grandfather, Theo George Andronicos came to Sydney, Australia in 1897 on the ship "Oruba". His family lived in Potamos, Kythera. He was a young lad of fifteen when he left Greece, and turned sixteen on the voyage to Sydney. He first worked for...

Update on the Fatseas family name!!

submitted by Steve Fatseas on 06.08.2004

I have received some information from Mr. Panajotis Fatseas that verifies that my Great-Grandfather was Nikolaos Fatseas from Fatsadika, Kythera. I also know now that my Grandfather Eugene Fatseas had four brothers and two sisters, making Panajotis m...

CRITHARY nee POTIRIS - Still living in Kythera

submitted by Phil Jorritsma on 01.08.2004

I am interested to know if Theodore Crithary and his wife Helene (nee POTIRI) had any children. They returned to Greece from Australia in 1933. Theo had a brother Peter who lived in Sydney. I have heard there are possibly descendants of Theo and Hel...

Tracing your family history on Kythera

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 23.07.2004

I received the email below from Kalie Zervos in July - the information in it is valuable to all Kytherians! If you'd like to contact Kalie please send them to me and I will pass them onto her. Kythera 23.07.04 Dear James, I am currently...

Motis Family Origins

submitted by Neil Fraser on 22.07.2004

I'm searching for the siblings and parents of Panagiotos Vrettos Motis born Kythera about 1889. He arrived in Sydney Australia in 1901 with his father. His father returned to Greece in 1905. I'd welcome any information or suggestions from others.

Nickname Search

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 21.07.2004

I am unable to find the meaning of 'Bratsalis' which relates to the Fatseas Family from Kythera

Can Someone Search Archives at Hora

submitted by Vasilia Uhrweiss (nee Margetis) on 17.07.2004

Is there some kind person who would be able to search the archives at Hora for any information on the Margetis/ Marghetti or Marietti family. I am looking for information on date of death of my grandfather George Margetis & any other information on t...

Fidel Castro

submitted by Maria Londy on 16.07.2004

An Argentinian friend thinks Fidel Castro refers to his Greek background in the book: Y la Historia me Absolvera. But she is not sure about the Kytherian part!


submitted by Rowan Parkes on 15.07.2004

Rumour has it that a certain antique dealer located in Hora some years ago, now mysteriously untraceable, who spent ten years in Cuba, claimed that the grandfather of Fidel Castro, the brain and leader of the Cuban revolution, co freedom fighter of...

Help me with my holiday

submitted by Evelyn Watson-Lowe on 14.07.2004

Hi, I am an Australian travelling for the year with a friend, and from the 29th of July to the 2nd of August I will be visiting Kythera. I am 18 years old, with an Australian license of 2 and a half years, and would ideally like some accommodation,...

The late Dr.Dimitris Stais

submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 14.07.2004

Dr.Dimitris Stais, was proedros (Mayor) of Hora for many years. I beleive he was born in the Stais house at Kastro. Also he had a daughter who I beleive was the late Mrs.Livanos of the shipping fame. Any information would be appreciated.

New York Cafe, Nowra

submitted by Kiriaki Orfanos on 10.07.2004

I'd love to hear from or about anybody who may have worked in, or had anything to do with, the New York Cafe, Nowra, NSW, Australia, at any time between the years of 1930 to 1979.

Margetis Family prior to 1900

submitted by Vasilia Uhrweiss (nee Margetis) on 10.07.2004

I am looking for further information of the Margetis family (spelling maybe Marghetti, or Marietti) My father arrived here in Sydney in 1903 from Friligianika area. Was followed by his brothers Dimitri, Menas & sisters Panagiotista & Evangalia leavi...

Searching for information on the Fatseas Family name.

submitted by Steve Fatseas on 08.07.2004

I too am searching for distant members of the Fatseas family. My name is Stephen (Steve) Fatseas. I was born in New York City in 1945. My grandfather's name was Eugene (may be Americanized) Fatseas and my grandmother was Maria Fatseas (maiden name po...

Looking for Peter Paniotti Motties

submitted by Neil Fraser on 01.07.2004

I am looking for the ancestors of my children's great grandfather who's family oral history gives his name as Peter Paniotti Motties who came from the island of 'Sirigor' in Greece. He arrived in Sydney, NSW, Australia in the early 1900's with an unc...

Looking for information about John Cassimatis

submitted by Nettie Stillwell on 16.06.2004

Hello, I'm looking for information about my grandfather who was born on Kythera on or about 1912. Does anyone know of him? I think he was a sponge diver and his father (or him) was a city official. Thank you!

Greek-Australians are you facing a renovation nightmare?

submitted by Helen Cassimatis on 14.06.2004

I wanted to renovate our family home in Drymonas, Kythera. I couldn't stay on the Island for long so needed someone I could trust to oversee the work for me. I was so lucky to find someone by the name of Roman Michalides (otherwise known as Russian Y...


submitted by George Poulos on 11.06.2004

Athens, 9 June 2004 CHINESE PUT OUT THE RED CARPET FOR THE OLYMPIC FLAME A huge and very excited crowd was out on the streets of Beijing to welcome the Olympic Flame to the populous city that will be hosting the next Olympic Games in the year...


submitted by George Poulos on 11.06.2004

Athens, 9 June 2004 SEAN CONNERY MEETS ATHENS 2004 PRESIDENT Sir Sean Connery and his wife, Lady Micheline Roquebrune Connery, today visited ATHENS 2004 President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki. The world-famous Scots actor expressed a wish to...

Aerial photography of Kythera

submitted by George Vardas on 03.06.2004

There are some interesting aerial photographs of Kapsali, Hora and the Kastro to be found on the ERT website at Just click on the words "aerial photography" appearing in the bottom right hand corner of the opening page and then click on...