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1833: Hearn, Cavallini, Cassimatis

submitted by Site Administrator on 05.04.2004

Cassimatis (Kassimatis) Cavallini This is about Rosa Antonia Tessima Cerg Kassimatis (Cassimatis) of Kythira Island and her three children from her first marriage:  to Irish Surgeon Charles Hearn; and her four children from her second marriage: to...

1814: Looking for relatives

submitted by Simon Crethar on 02.04.2004

I am trying to locate any information on a lady who was a sister to my late grandfather Nicholas Crethar who lived in Karavas. I last met her and her daughter Pipitza(not spelt right, but spelt as sounds)when I was in Kytheria in 1992 and have lost c...

1193: search for family leontarakis

submitted by Lee Lontis on 20.03.2004

Hello I am trying to find information about my grandfathers family.The only information i have is his fathers first and last name which is Theodore Leontarakis and that he may have served in the Greek navy. Any information about family still there an...

1192: Penelope Frilingou married Panayotis Castritsis

submitted by Alexandra Biggs on 19.03.2004

The above who are my great grandparents were married in Kytheria possibly in the old church in frigilianika which is now a school later believed to have lived in the Friligianika/Kastrisianka area. Peneolpe Castrisis (nee Frilingou was born in 18...

1071: Caravousanos Folk !

submitted by Tony Caravousanos on 03.03.2004

Hi - My name is Tony Caravousanos. I live in Dublin Ireland. My Grandfather came from Livadi in Kythira and went to the USA around 1900. My wife's name is Ola and we have 2 children - a boy Keith and a girl Ria - after Kythera ! Any Caravousanos...

1060: Vlantis - the African family branch

submitted by Alexander Vlantis on 26.02.2004

My grandfather, Emmanuel Vlantis, emigrated from Kythera to 'Rhodesia' in the early 1900's and married Emerenstia. He had five childen. Menalos, Calliope, Cleo, Hester and Christian. I am Alexander Vlantis, the eldest son of Christian Vlantis. All se...


submitted by Site Administrator on 23.02.2004

On January 27th, 2003, the book, "KYTHERIAN SURNAMES", written by the editor of Kythiraika newspaper, Mr. Emmanouil Kalligeros, was introduced to the Kytherian and Hellenic public. The book launch was held at a special exhibition, organised by the As...

1014: Fardoulis Family: Constantinople

submitted by Lindsay Johnstone on 21.02.2004

My father-in-law, Emmanuel Fardoulis (originally of Potamos) told me that his grandfather Emmanuel Panagiotis Fardoulis (born ca 1840, died ca 1901) emigrated from Constantinople to Kythera about 1860. His nfather Pangiotis lived in the suburbs of Co...

1006: in search of my family

submitted by Wayne Kanelis on 09.02.2004

hello my name is wayne kanelis im in sydney austrailia im looking for history on my family my grand father was born in kithira he was george john kanelis im comming over to kithira in august this yearit would be great if anyone knew of my family or...

1001: Return to Kythera -documentary film

submitted by David Page on 02.02.2004

The present generation of Kytherians may be glad to know that the documentary film, Return to Kythera, is preserved in the archives of ScreenSound Australia (formerly the National Film and Sound Institute)in Canberra, Australia. I commissioned the fi...

992: Georges Venardos came to the US in 1907 from Potamos, Kythera

submitted by Judy McGrew on 28.01.2004

He lived in Akron, Ohio and had 5 chilren with his wife Gertrude.Would like to hear from any relatives.

960: Kytherian Pics and info

submitted by Peter Tzannes on 21.01.2004

Congratulations...every visit to this site brings new information and appreciation of the love we have for our roots. By no means to replace this site.. another site for pics and general kytherian info is however this...

900: Looking for information on the Mormoris family

submitted by Stephen Mormoris on 10.01.2004

My name is Stephen Mormoris (Stelios Mormoris) and I live in Paris, originally from New York. I am looking for information on the my ancestors, particularly Giorgos Mormoris,my great grandfather, who was a commander who defended Kythera from the Tur...


submitted by Phil Jorritsma on 08.01.2004

My wife is a descendant of Emanuel POTIRI who married Marietta CARYDIS. Their children were George, Michael, Peter, Helene and Chrisoula. George arrived in Australia in 1902 later followed by his brothers and sisters. I have very little informati...

869: Invitation Californian Kytherians Jan. 4 2004

submitted by Site Administrator on 28.12.2003

view the original invitation at: From the Kytherian Society of California December 8, 2003 Dear Members and Friends, on Sunday, January 4, we have...

853: Official Presentation

submitted by Site Administrator on 17.12.2003

The Team and the Kytherian Association of Australia cordially invite you, your family and friends to the Official Presentation to be held on Wednesday 14th January 2004 at 6.30pm in the auditorium of the Ca...

851: Greek-Australians do you need a tradesman?

submitted by Helen Cassimatis on 14.12.2003

I wanted to renovate our family home in Drymonas,Kythera.I couldn't stay on the Island for long so needed to find someone I could trust to oversee the work for me. I was so lucky to find Roman Michalidies (Russian Yannis), a tradesman and resident o...

836: seeking information and family history

submitted by Michael Andronicos on 04.12.2003

hello. I am Michael Andronicos. My family originally comes from Kythera, also my grandfather is Charles Andronicos. My family originally established "Andronicus" Coffee some many decades ago, and I am seeking information about my family and ancestors...

561: cordatos/theodorakakis, diakopoulos, vangi, zantis, and others

submitted by Evelyn Cordatos on 16.10.2003

calling all long lost extended family members - would be nice to make contact and consolidate family histories before we all disappear from the face of the planet.

427: Please Help-Photographer applying for Fulbright Grant to photograph in Kythera

submitted by Kristina Williamson on 08.10.2003

Hello! I am a 23 year old photographer living in New York City, who is currently applying for a Fulbright Grant to photograph in Greece. The project I am proposing will focus on Kythera. My work for this project is to photographically document th...