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Finding Tony Peters

submitted by Katrina Corbett on 05.12.2019

Hi everyone,   I’m on the hunt for a family member and was wondering if anyone could help me? I have reached out to quite a few people from the Greek community and they have all said that I should try here.  I am looking for...

George Castrisios cafe in hobart

submitted by Len Eaton on 29.08.2019

can anyone remind me of his cafe in Collins Street in Hobart in 50/60's.  he also had a fish/chip further up the street called the Galaxy.  Len Eaton

Faros family from Kythera to Cape Town

submitted by Joan Krygsman on 20.07.2019

Hello! I am working on the family tree for my stepmother, Jacqueline Maree. Jacquie was born in 1953 in Cape Town, South Africa to Percival John Maree and Muriel Irene Adams, both born and raised in the Western Cape of South Africa. HOWEVER, Jacquie&...

Kytherian Genealogy Club - More than just tracing people's family trees

submitted by Kalie Zervos on 18.01.2019

I notice quite a few people posting messages on how go about locating ancestors from Kythera.  Well there is no need to go all the way to Kythera to search for your family history, The Kytherian Genealogy Club has more Kytherian records...

Greek citizenship

submitted by chrystine flavell on 14.01.2019

Hello, my daughter is waiting patiently (about 18 months now) for her Greek citizenship. Considering mine took 7 years and for my other daughter 3 years we are wondering if it is worth spending money on a Greek lawyer or is there nothing more that...

John Nicholas Feros

submitted by Helen Feros on 02.01.2019

Does anyone know how to apply for a birth certificate or find a copy for a person born in Kythera 1912.

Theodorus Zantos

submitted by Jessie Weatherley on 01.01.2019

Hi - I am looking for decendents for Theodorus Zantos. He was born 28.12.1900 in Potamos. He lived in Warwick in the early 1930s, and enlisted in the airforce in 1940 where he was a cook. His next of kin at time of enlisting was Miss Ellie Zanto - a...

im looking for some books published by the ''society of kytherean studies''.. (plz help!)

submitted by chris otis on 19.11.2018

hello, i am looking for some great books about the amazing writer lefkadios hearn, who wrote about the traditional stories+poems of japan in the late 19th-early 20th century, and those books were published by the ''society of kytherean studie...

Look for my greek relatives

submitted by Tracey May Horn on 14.11.2018

Hello , My mum's father was greek his surname was Pagonis. I have been told my relatives were from originally from Kythera. How do I go about finding out more? Tracey May Preston 

A soldier's grave, Karavas 1917

submitted by Wilma Rule on 06.11.2018

Can anyone please help me to trace the grave of a Scottish soldier who was buried by the villagers of Karavas in 1917.  He was 21 year old Sgt Thompson whose body was washed up on the beach of Aghios Nickolaos at some time after the ship he was...

Aghios Nickolaos Church and Cemetery

submitted by Wilma Rule on 17.06.2018

Can anyone please help me to trace the grave of a Scottish soldier who was buried in the cemetery of Aghios Nickolaos Church in 1917.  He was 21 year old Sgt Thompson and his body was washed up on the beach of Aghios Nickolaos at some time after...


submitted by Eleni Skarlatos on 13.05.2018

Hi there I was wondering if anyone knows if Amorgos has a page like this one? thank you 

Two George Stratigos' in Kythera

submitted by Kevin Garvey on 12.02.2018

Please help me find the family connection between these two George Stratigos' from Kythera. My wife's ggrandfather is George SPYRIDON Stratigos, born in 1850, the son of Spyridon George and Kyriakoula in Milopotamis. The other Geor...

Denise Bernard ( Venardos )

submitted by George Bernard on 31.01.2018

Hi, Dieter and Cherile Wolf were very helpful when my husband and I travelled to Kythera 2014. Where Cherile was able to trace my husbands home and family connections.   There postal address is P.O. Box 23        ...

Migration from Crete?

submitted by Carol Kostakos Petranek on 19.01.2018

My ancestors are from villages around Sparta. One of my cousins told me that our Zarafonitis family left Crete at the start of the 1821 Revolution and went to the Peloponnese to find Kolokotronis and join the fight. I have heard that Kythera was almo...

Research on Australian Greeks who were registered as aliens from 1916

submitted by Caroline Dick on 01.12.2017

I am an academic and doing research on the Greek aliens in Australia from 1916. My grandfather was a registered alien and was married (in December 1920) to an Australian woman before the Nationality Act 1920 (Cth) came into force (1 January 1921...

Passenger Ship called Ficton (German Line)

submitted by Caroline Dick on 29.11.2017

My grandfather Panagiotis (Peter) Anastasios Aroney or Mostakas came to Australia on the ship Ficton in 1909. Did anyone else relative arrive on this ship during 1909?

November 2017 Seminar Series. A Month with the Gods

submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 31.10.2017

A Month with the Gods: A Journey into the Life-World of Hellenic Myth   Topics pertaining to Ancient Greek mythology are very trendy nowadays. There seems to be something in the myths of the ancient Hellenes that keeps on fascinating peopl...

Research on decorative tiles - a Sydney link through the Haniotis family

submitted by Megan Manwaring on 03.08.2017

Hello readers   I have come across the name Theodoros Haniotis on a tile-making patent lodged in Sydney in 1910.   The patent number and date where imprinted on the back of a tile that I was given from a recent excavation s...

for Peter & Therese GALANAKIS

submitted by kit withers on 27.04.2017

hi peter i am a cousin of your wife therese. I lost email contact with her in 2008. Could u please give her my current email many thanks kit withe...