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October 28th

submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 28.10.2004

To commemorate this Greek National Day,please go to Culture,subsection songs and poems and read "To Parapono tis Ellados". It is written in Greek.


submitted by Faye Leftheris-Cosma on 28.10.2004

We are looking for any family from Kythera with connection to Nicholas P. Leftheris who died in 1964 in Masury, OH USA at age 72. His first wife, Stamatoula Psaros died from influenza after just a 2 years of marriage. She left behind her 1 1/2 yr. so...

Kytherian family in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

submitted by Peter Trearchis on 26.10.2004

Hi- I am trying to figure out the last name of one of my grandmother's cousins. The cousin was Foto (_____) Panaretos. Foto corresponded with my grandmother from St. Louis. Names in this Kytherian family included Mina, Nikola, Vasiliki, Basiliki, an...


submitted by Peter Trearchis on 22.10.2004

Anyone ever heard of a Triarchis family in Kythera, Egypt, Smyrna? My e-mail is

Claudia Karvan - Kytherian television icon?

submitted by George Poulos on 21.10.2004

An article by Tim Blair in the Bulletin (Dec 2003) confirms that "Karvan’s family emigrated to Australia from Greece".!open According to the web-site at...

Moving to Kythera

submitted by Nicholas Marudas on 18.10.2004

Hello everyone! I am a decendant of the Samios family. My Grandmother was Maria Samios, wife of Peter Samios. My mother is Georgia Samios Marudas. We currently reside in Baltimore Maryland, USA. We will be moving to Kythera to start our family. We ca...

Frederick Rand on the 27th of January 1945

submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 13.10.2004

Captain Frederick Rand was appointed the first caretaker of Kythera after Greece was liberated after World War II. A street in Hora was named in his honour. Does anyone know what happened to the street sign? For more information see section "History"...

Panaretos and Trifillis Families

submitted by Peter Trearchis on 11.10.2004

Looking for anyone with either info on the Trifillis/Treefull families of Massachusetts and Maryland or on the Panaretos/Panaretou family of St. Louis. Trifillis family (alos spelled Treefull/ Treeful) from Trifilianika went to Fall River, MA; New...

The Day they blew the church at Ayia Pelagia to Kingdom Come.

submitted by George Poulos on 08.10.2004

In 1942, three Kytherians, Haralambos Coroneos ("'I Horyos"), Nicholas Souris ("Varvarkis"), and Yiannis Mavrogeorgios ("Fatseas"), decided that they would move a German unexploded bomb from the beach at Firi Ammos into the church at Ayia Pelagia, an...

Picture Theatre photographs - Kytherian cinema owners and their cinemas

submitted by George Poulos on 04.10.2004

I have been given permission by the family of Kevin Cork to post chapters from his unfinished Ph.D thesis onto the kythera-family web-site. [Internal search under "CORK" to find references.] This thesis underlines the extraordinary influence o...

Families with ancestors that lived in Smyrna

submitted by James Gavriles on 24.09.2004

I think it would be interesting if all the Kytherians who had families or relatives that had imigrated to Smyrna,and then consequently were dispersed due to the Turkish expulsion in 1922-23. would post a little of what they know and we could have a s...

Father's birthplace, village

submitted by Peter Bellecy on 16.09.2004

As near as I can determine from all the records my Mother left with me, my Father emigrated to the USA in, I believe, 1910 or 1911. He was born in either 1887 or 1889 on Kythera and they were a family of Sponge divers from all the things Dad talked a...

Tatarakis family

submitted by Adrian Tatarakis on 09.09.2004

I am searching for information on the Tatarakis family. My grandfather, Jacob Tatarakis, immigrated to the States from Syros in 1917. My family currently lives in Sacramento, Calif.

Names of the parents of Michael Panaretos?

submitted by P Panaretos on 05.09.2004

Ross Tzannes (Sydney, Australia) posted oral history of Michael Panaretos at He mentioned that "Maria Freeleagus (nee Panaretos) went to visit the old man and gained his confidence." Did she, or the passport office (Michael applie...

2004 Olympics in Athens

submitted by James Gavriles on 30.08.2004

To all my Greek friends and relatives , I want to extend my feeling of pride of being Greek and to what the Greek people were able to accomplish in these Olympics. It went off without any of the predicted problems of terroristism or non-ability of th...

Looking for relatives of Calligeros Family from Pitsinanika

submitted by Irene Michael on 28.08.2004

My grandmother Maria Calligeros came to USA on the early 1900's from Kythera with her brother Steve and sisters Froso. She left behind her oldest sister- Stamatoula her youngest sister Koola-and whom has 3 children- Monogli,Irene (who moved to Aus...

Tsirigotis in US

submitted by Barbara Tsirigotis on 24.08.2004

I am searching for anyone related to Lambros Andres Tsirigotis born 1894 in Greece, most likely Athens. He had a sister Elaine (American version of her name). In 1916 Lambros came to America aboard the USS Patris, arriving at Ellis Island. He sett...

Looking for info on Peter John Cassimatis or Kassimatis

submitted by Renae Cassam on 14.08.2004

Looking for information on my late grandfather John Peter Cassimatis or Kassimatis. I know he was born in Kythira. I believe in the town of Levadi. He had a brother named George, and two sisters, one named Helen and one Irene. We believe Hele...

Gold Medal Performance - Inverell Australia

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 13.08.2004

Olympic luncheon - see Photography Diaspora > Sporting life.- Peter Makarthis

Searching for my Great Aunt

submitted by Gaye Hegeman on 08.08.2004

My grandfather, Theo George Andronicos came to Sydney, Australia in 1897 on the ship "Oruba". His family lived in Potamos, Kythera. He was a young lad of fifteen when he left Greece, and turned sixteen on the voyage to Sydney. He first worked for...