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Who took this photo? Was it Emmanuel Sofios?

submitted by Lien Stouten on 28.02.2024

Hello, I'm Lien from Holland and searching for the picture I saw in bar Askiton in Potamos and was mesmerized by it. I can't upload it here but it was a portrait of a dozen of people standig and sitting in front of the building, fro...

Kythera in March/April

submitted by Chrysanthe Kyprios on 18.01.2024

Hello, I am hoping to get some help from Kytherians.  My daughter has never been to Kythera which was the  birthplace of her grandfather, Constantine Kyprios.  We have an opportunity to go at the end of March and first week...

In search of some of the history of Grandfather Paniotis Georgopolous (Peter Poulos)

submitted by Harold Hopper on 23.11.2023

My wife and I intend to visit Kythera from Australia in August 2024. We hope to see something of where Grandfather Panyiotis (Peter) Georgopoulos lived. (Born Cherigo Is. 6 August 1898 - died December 1975) We also hope to meet some of my...

Looking for Megalokonomos land in Kythera. Descendant of Aristidis Megalokonomos

submitted by Nickolas Conomos on 26.09.2023

Hi, my name is Nick Conomos. I am a descendant of Aristidis Megalokonomos who lived in Kythera. He had 2 Sons that migrated to America in the early 1900's John Conomos would be my great grandfather. he had a son Arestedes Conomos who is my grandf...

certificate copies of grandparents death certificates

submitted by Irene Tina Michael on 13.08.2023

Greetings  who do i contact to get original certifiied copies of my grandparents death certificates? My grandfather was George T. Zanes and my grandmother was Maria Calligeros   Thank you  Irene Tina Michael of Californi...

Kytherian Roll Call of Family Tree Names

submitted by John Daskalakis on 18.07.2023

I've collected all my Kytherian names because both sides of my family have ancestors who landed in Kythera at some point and either died there or were born there and left, heading elsewhere. If you see familiar names, contact me here or @RizesGen...

Ploumidis Family Tree

submitted by John Daskalakis on 18.07.2023

Hello, I somehow relate to the Ploumidis family of Kythera and Australia. I know from our Ancestry connections that our close ancestor leads us back to Crete. If anyone knows the family tree of the two brothers, Sofios and Haralambos Ploumidis,...

Bavea Family information

submitted by Christie Balfoort on 16.05.2023

Hi There,   I am looking for information on my great grandfather John Nicholas Caroonarus Bavea (Jack Bavea) and my great great grandparents. I have been able to source quite a bit of information about Jack and his brothers Jim and Peter a...

Feros Nicholas and Elessa (née Samios)

submitted by Helen Feros on 01.04.2023

I am looking for any information about my grandparents Nicholas (born 1878) and Elessa (born 1880) Feros from Mitata. My dad John migrated to Australia in 1927. I believe Elessa's maiden name was Samios. He had a brother Alex who was married to M...

Yanos Cassimatis

submitted by Nettie Stillwell on 01.02.2023

I am looking for relatives and information about Yanos (could be Yani) Cassimatis who was born on Kythira in 1882. He was my grandfather. His father's name might have been George. I was told George was a Burgermeister in the town where he lived....

Looking for photos of Kytherians

submitted by Kytherian Genealogy Project by Amalia and Kalie on 28.01.2023

Kytherian Genealogy Project by Amalia and Kalie have been researching Kytherian family history for over 10 years. We now need your assistance to match photos of people born in Kythera more than 100 years ago to their birth records in our files. &n...

Jack Comino thorne Picture Theatre

submitted by Mary Comino on 21.01.2023

It's Mary Comino here, grandaughter of Jack Comino who owned the thorne picture theatre along with his wife (Panaytitsa) and their children Jim, Mary and Mannuel. I am Jim Comino's daughter and I have a sister Nancy and a brother Jack. ...

death certificate

submitted by nikko sourrys on 06.11.2022

Hi, I'm trying to find out who the undertaker is in kythera and how to contact him.Can someone tell me please.

mr nikkos

submitted by nikko sourrys on 06.11.2022

who is the undertaker in kythera greece?

Rising Damp solutions

submitted by Angela Panaretos on 09.09.2022

Kythera has lots of very old houses which all must experience the same as ours ... rising damp? Am wondering if anyone has foud a real and cost effective solution? What product? Where was it sourced? How did it get to K? Cost?...

Spiro Roberts

submitted by Linda James on 11.04.2022

Looking for any information about Spero Roberts. Fish monger Sydney early 1900s Greek name written as Rothermenon Spero

Eleni Kaligeri

submitted by PROINSIAS MCB on 28.02.2022

My wife's grandmother was from Kythera. Her name was Eleni Kaligeri. She married Georgios Vomvaris from Mytiline. They lived near Izmir Turkey. Her husband was killed by the Turks. She came from Izmir to Crete and then on to Athens...

Need help finding the Parents of John Calligeros born 1913

submitted by Leanne R on 11.02.2022

John travelled to Melbourne in 1923 as a 10 year old accompained by ? Cassimatis ( so the family were told) He was in Castlereagh St Sydney in 1939 and informed authorities that he was moving to Tasmania with the new address as "Kassimatis Eliza...

Family of Kostas Masselos Nouros (1892-1972)

submitted by Michael Alexandratos on 17.01.2022

Hi there,    I am currently researching the life and work of singer and recording artist Kostas Masselos (or Marselos) Nouros, who was born in Kythera to a Kytheran father in 1892 and died in the suburb of Kokkinia in Athens in 1...

Book on Kythera

submitted by Con Aroney on 01.12.2021

I am completing an historical novel on Kythera which I have been working on for the past five years. I was wondering if anyone knew of any publishing houses associated with Kythera which are interested in books such as this, or should I use the ...