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Roxy 'Complex' boosted and enhanced by funding from all levels of Australian Government

submitted by George Poulos on 28.11.2011

Supplemenary to Peter Prineas' Roxy message: I spent the first few days of last week in Bingara, attending a Roxy Museum meeting. It is my exquisite pleasure to report the following: 1. The foundations have been laid for the TAFE Hospital...

Bingara's Greek Museum gets State Government grant

submitted by Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas on 23.11.2011

Plans for a Greek Museum at the Roxy at Bingara, north-western NSW, were greatly advanced this week with the announcement of a major grant from the State Government. Under the 2012 Arts Funding Program, the Museum is to receive $94,500. The funds...

sad news about Jim Gavriles

submitted by Ellena Galtos on 21.11.2011

Just wanted to let people know that Jim Gavriles, someone who contributed a fair bit to this web site (at least when I was more active on it) passed away in the US overnight. I think he was 67 years old. Sorry to report such sad news, but I thought...

Cominos / Komino

submitted by Kym Smiley on 18.11.2011

I am looking for the family of a lady who ? married a Comino/Cominos in Kingaroy in the late 1950's. She worked or they owned the Busy Bee Cafe in Haley St. Thanks Kym


submitted by Steven Feld on 16.11.2011

Kalimera, I am looking for accmodations anywhere on the island.Please contact me if you have any information. sf

Vintage photos of Agia Pelagia

submitted by Spiro Zantiotis on 04.11.2011

Does anyone have any vintage photos of Agia Pelagia taken from the sea looking to land? I am looking to find some images of what the village looked like back in the 20's/30's or before there was too much development. Thanks Spiro Zantiotis

'Katsehamos and the Great Idea' now available as an eBook

submitted by Alexander Prineas on 17.10.2011

The true story of young Greeks in the early 20th century who were called upon to fight endless wars for Greece's 'Great Idea'. As teenagers they emigrated to Missouri, USA. Later, after returning to fight in the Balkan Wars, the exhaustion of their c...

*****Gourmet Traveller Magazine*****

submitted by Australian Gourmet Traveller on 12.10.2011

October edition of Gourmet Traveller, ON SALE NOW, and available in Newsagents and Supermarkets, throughout Australia. Author: Gourmet Traveller Magazine When Published: October 2011 Publisher: Australian Consolidated Press Magazines Available:...

*****Greek Film Festival 2011*****

submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 27.09.2011

The Greek Film Festival returns this 13th-30th October to Norton Street Palace Cinemas Leichhardt with one of the strongest programs to date including internationally awarded and acclaimed films, comedies, dramas, documentaries and three classics by...

Lafcadio Hearn Event

submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 10.09.2011

INVITATION OLIVE BRANCH AND CHERRY BLOSSOM are the symbols of two countries, Greece and Japan which are far away only on the map. The organizing committee in cooperation with the EMBASSY OF JAPAN in Greece are kindly inviting you on a TRIP TO J...

Mentor Presentation - Brisbane - Highlights from the Underwater Excavation in Kythera - July 2011

submitted by John Fardoulis on 25.08.2011

Special Opportunity! A talk on: The waning of Lord Elgin’s fortune  the wreck of the Mentor and the Parthenon Marbles. Excavating a wreck that sank off Kythera in September 1802, carrying Parthenon Sculptures on behalf of Lord Elgin. A re...


submitted by Steven Feld on 10.08.2011

Does anyone know of anyone who is coming to Kythira from Athens and can take some stuff of mine,or anyone who transports from Athens to Kythira?

Underwater Excavation of the Mentor Shipwreck - Off Avlemonas

submitted by John Fardoulis on 08.08.2011

As well as the We Dig Kythira land digs, some of us were also involved in an underwater excavation of the Mentor shipwreck. News of the project has put Kythera on the map this week in terms of Greek newspapers, web sites and TV coverage. Here's...

submitted by Rebecca Messina on 29.07.2011

I am thrilled to have found this website since I am 76 yrs old and not too good with computers. I am looking for any/all information about my relatives, beginning with my grandfather,FR Kosma Leontarakis who married Maria Petrochilou both were from...

New Kytherian Web Portal

submitted by John Fardoulis on 28.06.2011

Hello, We've set up a specific We Dig Kythira micro portal. The address is Bookmark it and visit regularly in July. Information will be updated on a regular basis throughout July, providing an immersive and interactive...

Greek Language Archaeology Lecture in Sydney

submitted by Archaeological Institute Of Athens, Sydney on 28.06.2011

Important Greek Archaeologist Dr Christina Papastamati von Moock will visit Uni of Sydney next month and will give a GREEK LANGUAGE lecture on her work on the Theatre of Dionysos on the south slope of the Acropolis. 14 July. Go to http://www.aaia.cha...

British PM says Parthenon marbles will not be returned

submitted by Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas on 23.06.2011

David Cameron calls for unity over EU strategy on Greece The Telegraph 23 June 2011 ... In the House of Commons, yesterday Mr Cameron was again quizzed on Britain's commitments to Greece and he repeated that Britain would not be involved in a n...

george castrisios in Hobart

submitted by Len Eaton on 15.06.2011

back in the 1950's my mother was a waitress in George's Oasis Cafe in Collins St, Hobart. George was a tall, dark-haired man with a big heart and hearty manner. As a boy in high school I worked at his fish shop further up the street, the Galaxy. I'm...

protopsaltis family spit junction

submitted by Len Eaton on 15.06.2011

George and Heraklia Protopsaltis of Spit Junction in Sydney were a great part of that community. I knew from working nearby at Line & Co, a small department store. My younger (late) sister worked in their café as a waitress, we were made to feel mor...


submitted by Kytherian Ball Sydney on 07.06.2011

The 89th Annual, Kytherian Association of Australia, Debutante Ball, will be held on Saturday 18th June at Le Montage Bayside Events Centre, 38 Frazer Street, Leichhardt. Download a .pdf colour brochure, here: Kytherian_2011_Ball...