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International conference on the topic of Appian, a second century AD historian of the Roman Empire

submitted by Kytherian Newsflash on 19.01.2010

Through events such as the screening of the 1928 film, about the voyage of the D'Attalia, and depositing of various Greek-Australian books such as Life in Australia (1916, 2009), and Jim Saltis, My Four Homes, and newly forged connections with SAE, b...

book launch in Sydney

submitted by John Mavromattis on 18.01.2010

My name is John James Mavromatis , could some body please tell me when the book launch is to be held and at which venue.

Obtaining a Greek passport - advice please?!!

submitted by Kylie Flavell on 01.01.2010

Hello, My mother is Greek Australian and lodged her registration in order to obtain a Greek passport about 6 months ago. I know it takes a while but I am desperate to also get my passport and was wondering if there is any way to speed up the proce...

Nursing Home on Kythera

submitted by Irena Combes on 28.12.2009

Does anyone know the location of a Nursing Home on Kythera. Any help would be appreciated.

Research Work

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 11.12.2009

As I am doing research on Kythera during WW!!, I wish to find copies of the two following books: "Η Εαμικη Τυρανια" του Κονσταντινου Σταθη (1945-46) "Τα κατα την θποδουλωσιν εις Γερμανοιταλους" του Ι.Π. Κασιματις (1957) I would very much apprec...

Information on the Evangelinidis family

submitted by Michelle Maynard on 01.12.2009

Does anyone have any information please?

Public lecture on the The Antikythera Mechanism

submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 12.11.2009

Nicholson Museum Invitation The Antikythera Mechanism: ‘as above, so below’ Professor Robert Hannah Thursday 26 November 2009 6 for 6.30 pm In the Nicholson Museum Main Quadrangle, University of Sydney $30 ($20 Friends of the Ni...

Ferry Service from Kythera to Crete

submitted by Tony Cassimatis on 10.11.2009

Hi, I am trying to get information with regards to Ferry services to between Kythera and Crete in the middle of June. I have tried the Greek websites but none of them do not have a lot of information on them. I want to take a car and there are 5 of u...

Nickolaos E. Tzortzopoulos

submitted by Eleutheria Jensen on 01.11.2009

This is to inform everyone who had the privilege to have known and loved my father, Nickoloas E. Tzortopoulos born Karavas 1939, that he has lost his battle of the past one and a half years, to pancreatic cancer. Nick has left behind his loving wife...

***Launch of republished Life in Australia (1916, 2009)***

submitted by Kytherian World Heritage Fund on 01.11.2009

****************************************************************************** The Kytherian World Heritage Fund, announces another Kytherian World Heritage (mega) Event. The launch of the recently published books, Life in Australia (1916) in G...

Reply - Dance Videos Needed

submitted by John Fardoulis on 18.10.2009

Hi Stavros, I made a copy for you of the video of Kytherian Dances that I made last summer. I believe it will have all the dances you need. Vikki

'BRITAIN'S GREEK ISLANDS' new book now available from PLATEIA

submitted by Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas on 17.10.2009

'BRITAIN'S GREEK ISLANDS' was launched by Associate Professor Vrasidas Karalis on Wednesday 14 October 2009 at the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney. 'BRITAIN'S GREEK ISLANDS Kythera and the Ionian Islands 1809 to 1864' by Peter Prineas So...

Dance Videos Needed

submitted by Stavros Stathoudakis on 15.10.2009

Hi, I am trying to put together a suite of dances from Kythera. If anyone has videos or knows how to dance some traditional dances from Kythera, I would greatly appreciate some help. The dances I am specifically looking for (but anything would help)...

Reply - Interviewees for doctorate searched!

submitted by Mark Weisbrod on 23.09.2009


'BRITAIN'S GREEK ISLANDS' book launch by Prof. Vrasidas Karalis

submitted by Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas on 21.09.2009

This new book by PETER PRINEAS tells the story of five decades in the early nineteenth century when the British ruled Kythera and the Ionian Islands. Based on extensive research in the archives and illustrated with maps, photographs and historic...

illegal residence and occupation of private premise,by strangers,need help..

submitted by George Gounakis on 14.09.2009

Hi all the worst that I hate is my grandfather died a few years back and some stranger(midlle age)woman took the opportunity to move into his premises/house disregarding the rightful owners and make it her living quarters. And i must although greek...


submitted by Martin Sandrine on 07.09.2009

Hello my name is Sandrine, I am from France, so please ecuse my bad english... I found this site on which, maybe one of you, can give me a clue about a mysterious person of my grand-pa's familly... Georges CATSOULIS He was told to be born in 19...

Interviewees for doctorate searched!

submitted by Alexander Riedmüller on 07.09.2009

Dear members of the Kytherian Community in Australia, My name is Alexander Riedmüller. I am posting this message to ask again for your assistance as interviewees during my research stay in Sydney between October 08th and 20th as part of my docto...

Kytherian Society of California - Panigyri of the Myrtidiotisa

submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 04.09.2009

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Kytherian Society of California Sunday, October 11, 2009 10:00 a.m. Church Services & Artoklasia St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 1260 Davis Street San Jose, CA 95126 408 426-2770 12:30 p.m. Lu...

Reply - Reply - Kytherian birth certificates

submitted by Irene Tina Michael on 04.09.2009

You could try writing to the Dymarkaon in Chora. The person who had access to the records worked in the mayors office.