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Because Kythera was settled in such a way that a few dozen original families spawned the majority of present-day Kytherians, almost every branch of every family had a "nickname" to distinguish it from that of others with the same surname.

The nicknames were sometimes simply the genitive form of a christian name (e.g. "Dimitrelou") or derived from the profession of an ancestor (e.g. "Miliotis" = "Miller") or even describe a physical attribute (e.g. "Koutsaftis" or "Tarzan").

This is the section of the website where you can view the island's nicknames and read about which surnames they are associated with and hopefully where they came from as well.

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submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Katsavias" - George Proto(Psaltis) - originally from Bingara.

George (Proto)Psaltis

Born in Friligianika, Kythera.(c1900 - c1970s).

Parachoukli - Katsavias

He built a number of buildings in Bingara. The impact of building the Roxy Theatre on the town of Bingara has been chronciled by Kevin Cork in his Ph.D Thesis. [Search internally, under Cork, or Bingara.]

In 1938 he moved to Sydney.
He opened a restaurant at Kings X called the Q Cafe - Q for "quickness", and "quality" and a number of other ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Katsehamos" - Peter (Panayiotis) Feros. Mitata.

Peter (Panayiotis) Feros,

born in Mitata, Kythera, c1890.

Died, 19.12.1954.

Feros had the puraksino parachoukli Katsehamos. ("Sitting down (person").

Originally, ran a business in Bingara in New South Wales.

Peter had one son John, who entered the Army, and died in his 50's.
Two daughters, Katina, in Linfield, since deceased, and
Maria, of Roseville, still alive (2004).

About ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 31.10.2004

Kassimatis paratsouklia - origins.


George N. Leontsinis

The Island Of Kythera. A Social History. (1700-1863).

National and Capodistrian University of Athens. Faculty of Arts.

Athens. 1987.

"After a temporary occupation of the Greeks of the Morea (1275-1309), Kythera was once more in the hands of the Venier, who retained control until the Cretan rising against the Venetians in 1363. A strict feudal organisation was imposed on the island. ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Mudjeros" - Venardos.

The parachoukli of Con Venardos, whose family include son George, Accountant of Rose Bay, is mudjeros.

The origin of the nickname is unknown to me.

Can anyone provide a clue as to its origin?

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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 19.02.2005

Valentis -Calocerinos(Kalokairinos)-

The name is a very old Kytherian name and at one stage all the residents in Alexandrades were named Kalokairinos (according to Kytherian Surnames by Emmanuel Kalligeros). Our family's parachoukli is VALENTIS and goes back a long time. My grandfather Yiannis Kalokairinos was born in Alexandrades but moved to Hora after my father was born. Our family is the only VALENTIS Kalokairinos in Hora.

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submitted by James Gavriles on 20.10.2004

Sofios of Logothetianica--Stravokanis

According to my couins, their paratsoukli of Haralambos Sofios of Logothetianica was " Stravokanis". Sounds like someone in the family was bowl-legged.

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submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Delegos" - "Delegate" - Potiris.

From the guest book:

Costa Potiris - Sydney - Australia

Family village of origin: Potamos

My father Dimitris had two brothers, Theodoris and Evdoras all born in Asia Minor, Koukloutza village near Smyrna. In 1922 they were driven out to Greece, My father married Katina Stivaktakis, from Voutes Iraklio, Crete and had me and two sisters Stella and Maria, all born in Crete.

My father's father (Costa POTIRIS)had close relatives ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 26.10.2004

Alai, Theotheros Fardoulys, Ayia Pelagia.

Theotheros Fardoulys, and his wife Stavroula, lived in Ayia Pelagia, and had 8 children.

One of them is Tony Fardoulys, Liverpool Real Estate Agent.

The family parachoukli is Alai.

Alai is a Turkish word meaning trusted person, or guard.

The parachoukli may derive from the fact that an ancestor was considered such a "trusted person", under the Turkish administration.

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submitted by George Poulos on 03.12.2004

"Malyaros". Vangelli Venardos - Karavas.

The parachoukli of Vangelli Venardos, whose 3 daughters were Zuferia, Calliope (the teacher), and Aryiro, was "malyaros".

Probably deriving from an ancestor having a very healthy head of "hair".

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submitted by James Gavriles on 20.07.2004

Tsirigotiko slang

Along with Paratsouklia, I also think there are many slang words associated with Kythera. I think that the island had many little words or sayings that other Greeks may not recognize or understand. They definitely had their own dialect . Maybe they were just within a family or a village, but it would be neat to start listing these also.

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submitted by George Fatseas on 05.07.2004


Well known nickname in Fatsadika Kythera is the 'Corsolas' Used by the family of George Fatseas (my grand father) son of Nicholaos Fatseas (my grand grand father).

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submitted by George Poulos on 09.06.2004

"Ksipolitos" - Arthur (Athanasios) Gerakiteys, Aronathika, Bondi Junction Sydney

Arthur is 92 years of age and lives in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.

His parents were Panayiotis, and Maria (nee, Trifilis) from Aronathiaka.

The family's parachoukli was "Ksipolitos".

The nickname proabably derived from the famiy's poverty - not having sufficient funds in order to buy shoes - or from an ancestor who refused to wear shoes - in whilst performing his day to day activities.

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submitted by George Poulos on 09.06.2004

"Firopolina" - Theothora Condoleon married to Peter Samios c. 1870's

Theothora is the grandmother of Peter Samios (Auburn, born in Moree, 1933).

Her parachoukli was "Firopolina".

Peter is unsure of the derivation of this parachoukli.

Can anyone provide information as to the origin of this nickname?

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submitted by George Poulos on 27.05.2004

Miliotis - Miller - reverse

Dimitri (Jim) Castrisios Miliotis was born in Mitata, Kythera. The Milioti "patriko spiti" is in "Sklavyanika", in Mitata, on the road leading down to the "vrissi" - natural spring. [See photographs at]

Jim arrived in Australia from Kythera, in 1921, aged 9 years. He simplified his name from Miliotis (the family 'paratsoukli') to Miller. Jim changed the name by Deed Poll.

Jim followed a precedent laid down by his father George - who used the family ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 19.05.2004

"Boubouras" - Manoli Megaloconomos

George Megas, tells us on the Message Board, 01.05.2004, that the Parachoukli of his grand father, Manoli Megaloconomos was "Boubouras". Manoli married Maria (unknown surname) from Anti Kythera.

Can any descendants, or friends, cast light on the origin of the "Boubouras" parachoukli?

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submitted by George Poulos on 16.05.2004

"Arapianous" - Coroneos's from Prongi.

Paul Coroneos's submission, from the Guest Book.

Paul Coroneos - Garland, Texas

Family village of origin: Prongi

My father Panagiotis left Kythera, so many years ago and was never forunate to return. I however have visited, and will do so again, and more often.

Our family is of the "Arapianous". we go back to a Ioannis and Nikos Koronaios who were reputed to have arrived from Koroni on an Arab slave ship. Their father must have ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Yaloupos" - Peter Venardos - Ayia Anastasia, and Gunnedah, NSW, Australia

The parachoukli of Peter Venardos, born in Ayia Anasatasia, Kythera, who has lived most of his life in Gunnedah, NSW, Australia, is - "Yaloupos".

The parachoukli derives from the word yala indicating that an ancestor was involved with milk collection and/or distribution in the past. (Perhaps the milking of goats?)

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submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Broulyotis" - Panayoti Zantiotis - Ayia Anastasia - Gunndedah, NSW, Australia

The parachoukli of Panayoti Zantiotis, (deceased), was - "Broulyotis".

Panayoti was born in Ayia Anastasia, and owner of the Busy Bee Cafe, Gunnedah, [See entries in Photography Diaspora - subsection, Cafes and Shops], for many decades.

His wife "Loula" does not know the meaning or derivation of the parachoukli.

Can anybody advise us of its meaning and derivation?

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 08.05.2004

Makarthis - Skoulandris

"Since you have been married to a Psaros from Skoulandriathika for over forty years you are now Skoulandris!" Emmanual (Skoulandris) Zerevos October 2003

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submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Angelstavo" - Zantiotis - Ayia Anastasia.

The parents of former in/famous Double Bay (Sydney, Australia) optometrist - Steve Zantiotis were Andoni and Erophili.

Andoni's parachoukli was "Angelstavo" - "Angel-steve" - and Erophili was a "Belo" Coroneo from Potamos - a name which has already been cited in the "Nicknames" section.

Steve is uncertain [Steve uncertain about anything....who would believe it?] - as to how this parachoukli arose.